New Call of Duty “Advanced Warfare” Trailer Leaks, and It Looks Pretty Freakin’ Rad.


Not even minutes after I posted my last article about the new Call of Duty info, I hopped on Twitter to find out that more has leaked. The information comes via Destructoid, and includes a trailer, title, and release date. The trailer has since been posted by the Call of Duty YouTube account:



The trailer indeed features Kevin Spacey and at first glance the game looks like a combination of traditional CoD mechanics with Halo and Crysis. It also appears that the new game may be decidedly more story driven than past entries, but one can only deduce so much from one trailer.

The title for the new game will be Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, a domain registered by the franchise back in 2010.

The November 4th release date for Advanced Warfare will fall in line with the traditional, holiday dates of past entries in the series. No word yet if this new entry will be connected to any of those of the past, but more is to come over the weekend, so keep checking back for more.

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