Sledgehammer Games to Usher in a “New Era” for Call of Duty. Exoskeletons, Military for Hire, Oh My.


For the first time in quite awhile, it looks likes Call of Duty may be broadening its horizons. Sledgehammer Games, the newest studio to throw their hat into the Call of Duty ring, may be bringing a different take to a franchise that many consider to be getting stale.

Last Tuesday we were given our first look at the game via IGN, and it looked quite… cheeky.

Then today, we were shown this screenshot of the game featuring a character who looks a lot like the one in the cheek photo, this time clad in a rather interesting looking exoskeleton, by Game Informer:

The magazine also revealed that more information will be coming this weekend to go along with an upcoming cover story.

An interesting video titled “Superpower for Hire” was posted from the franchise’s YouTube account as well. The video was created in collaboration with Vice, and details a rather disturbing change in the way war has been fought over the past two decades.

It was also revealed that actor Kevin Spacey will be a part of the newly announced project through the franchise’s Instagram account.

For complaints about the K/D ratio, follow me on Twitter. For everything else, make sure you check back with Nerd Press.


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