Activision to Merge Infinity Ward and Neversoft

Neversoft no more.

Neversoft no longer.

It was announced Saturday that Activision will be merging studios, combining Infinity Ward of Call of Duty fame with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’s Neversoft. Activison Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg, stated that the new team will retain the Infinity Ward name, a move that the he called “sensible”. In addition, Hirshberg stated that it seemed like a single “super studio” could emerge from the two coming together.


Hopefully this means new IP, and not just more shooters and skateboards.

This upsets me, not for any real reason, but because I’ll never see any video games kick off with sweet videos of the Neversoft logo like these:


More info on the merger can be found at Giant Bomb.

My guess? A Tony Hawk FPS is its way.

Also, I promise some less Call of Duty-centric news is on the way.

Talk to you soon.


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