A Heartfelt Thank You


I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken the time to drop by the site in the past few days and check out what I have to say.

I’m no professional journalist, and you all have been great about pointing out grammatical errors and spelling mistakes to me without being rude, which is awesome for everyone involved… especially me! (ha)

But seriously, thank you all so much. Traffic here spiked five-fold yesterday, with most of you checking out my predictions post for episode 504: “Self Help.”

I’ll keep posting predictions and speculation, since people seem to like them the most, but please feel free to give me any suggestions of anything you’d like to see.

I’ll be posting some gaming stuff in the next few days for the new Call of Duty, probably some movie stuff as well. I also have plans to launch a YouTube channel to accompany the site at the beginning of the new year.

Once again, thank you, it means to world to me that people enjoy something so fun for me to do. Please continue to stop by and like, share, link, whatever!


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