The Walking Dead Episode 506: “Consumed” Instant Reaction



This episode was good. Like, really good. We got to see two fan-favorites on their own. The dialogue was sparse, but meaningful, and we got more insight into the histories of Carol and Daryl. I also got the impression from this episode that Daryl might be the only character on the show that’s thinking big picture — rebuilding civilization. There were touching moments, tense action sequences, and a few stunts that though a bit far-fetched, paid dividends.

If anyone ever had any skepticism toward Melissa McBride or Norman Reedus as actors, I’d recommend this episode to them.

All in all, many of my predictions for this episode were fairly accurate, and the scenes shot in the women’s shelter were both touching and tense.

I’ve seen a few fans complaining that this episode was “filler,” but I rather enjoyed it. At this point, people need to learn to accept that The Walking Dead is 80% character building and 20% action. This isn’t so much a story of zombie horror as it is a story of survival and maintaining your humanity in the face of death.

Once I get an opportunity to watch this episode again, I’ll do an official review. For now, I’ll leave it at the fact that this was the best episode out of the past three. Based off the previews for next week, it looks like we’ll finally be getting a big ensemble episode with everyone involved. Can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Episode 506: “Consumed” Instant Reaction

  1. Tim

    The continuity on this one is a bear.
    If you recut the season chronologically there is a HUGE gap in time between the scenes where Beth and Noah try to escape Generally Inhospitable, all of the stuff that happens with Carol/Daryl/Noah AND the scene where Dawn dresses down Beth for trying to flee. There is a gap between that scene and the next one with Beth (where Carol is wheeled in) but basically not a lot on the Beth front to fill it in.

    When you work in the Eugene/Rosita/Abraham storyline here (again chronologically speaking) with the C/D/N stuff you end up with a lot of Beth story line and then she just disappears for a long time. When she comes back it’s like an afterthought, oh, yeah we have to tie up the Beth storyline.

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