Predictions for The Walking Dead Episode 507 “Crossed”


WARNING: This article contains spoilers from previous episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead, as well as it’s comic book counterpart. Comic spoilers will be marked with spoiler tags. Proceed at your own risk.


This episode is incredibly hard to make predictions for. We honestly don’t know a lot. The plot hasn’t given us much of a clue where this specific episode will go. All we know right now is “hospital bad, Rick’s group good.” Just check out the initial promo, it doesn’t tell us a lot.

Off the bat, this episode is going to be an ensemble episode in some sense. I don’t think we’ll see a whole lot of Beth and Carol though. We probably won’t see much of Glenn’s group either (calling it Glenn’s group now because Abraham is clearly not in the shape to lead). I think we’ll get an episode primarily focused on the church group, specifically the strike team Rick takes with him. From the trailer it looks like that’s going to Daryl, Noah, Tyreese, and Sasha. It appears that Michonne is staying behind at the church with Carl, Judith, and Gabriel.

In the trailer we hear Carl kind of regurgitating the “you are not safe” speech Rick gave him to Fr. Gabriel. In a second promo, you can see a little more of that as Carl is trying to get Gabriel to learn to defend himself, though Gabriel seems more concerned with getting the blood stains from the Hunters off of his church floor. It also seems as if this strikes a chord with Michonne, as she gives Carl a concerned look. Maybe we’re reverting back to the Carl that shoots unarmed runaways in the face?

A third promo, the one aired during Talking Dead, is one of Beth attempting to pull some weight back at the hospital. Beth is mopping the floors when she hears an officer telling Dawn that they can’t afford to waste resources on Carol, and should take her off Dr. Edwards’ rotation. Beth, playing it a bit coy, confronts the officer and tells him that his DVD player takes ample resources to power, and “that woman” has only been there for a day. Beth learns the hard way that this is not how she should be going about things, as Dawn orders the officer to take Carol off the doctor’s rotation and that she only lives if she pulls through on her own. When the other officer walks away, Dawn turns to Beth and tells her “You just killed that woman.”

I’m getting reaaaaaaallllllllly tired of Dawn and Grady Hospital. I can’t wait until this arc is over. There’s just no redeeming quality about these” villains.” At least with the Governor he had a real community to worry about, and his cause was semi-sympathetic. Same with Gareth, he and his group were the resault of a traumatic experience. These people at GMH are just strange and kind of cultist. Which sort of seems to be a recurring theme this season.

That’s about it, that’s all we got. Like I said above, I think we’ll see a lot of Rick and his strike team. Probably a good 50% of the episode since that will be where the action is. I think we’ll see Carl and company back at the church the second most, probably about 25% of the time, Glenn about 15%, and Beth/Carol about 5%.

I honestly don’t think we’ll see Rick’s group end up at the hospital this episode, and if they do it will probably be in the closing moments. We’ll probably get another episode that draws things out and features some showdowns on the street between Rick’s gang and officers out patrolling. We’ll probably see some Eugene drama and walker action with Glenn’s group, and a lot of dialogue between the church and hospital. This episode will largely serve to build up for the mid-season finale, and that’s fine, but looking back the way that they organized this season was kind of deflating. Great open, then we stalled for few episodes… granted those episodes were important, I just feel like all of the action we saw in the past three episodes could have been interwoven a lot better.

Let’s hope for a big finale, eh? Still worried about Carol. Feeling kind of apathetic about Beth. Hopefully they fix that.


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