Spider-Man to Finally Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe



After months of rumors, leaked emails, summits, and spin-offs, Spider-Man will be coming home to Marvel.

The official word is that Marvel will adapting the script for one of their 2016 films (presumably Captain America: Civil War) to introduce Spider-Man. Marvel has also rearranged the releases of their 2017 films to accommodate a solo film for the wall crawler. This film will most-likely be a reboot, meaning Andrew Garfield is the odd mad out in this situation. This is unfortunate considering that I felt he did a stellar job portraying Peter Parker and Spider-Man but was ultimately the victim of over-produced scripts.

Marvel’s solo web-slinger film is set to hit theaters July 28, 2017 according to the Hollywood Reporter. It appears that Sony will still handle the financial aspect of the films and get final creative say, but Marvel’s influence will no doubt bode well for Sony Studio’s biggest cash cow.

It’s also rumored that the door may be open for Sony to be able to incorporate characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into their future Spider-Man films as well.

It will be interesting to see how Spider-Man fits in with Marvel’s new New York centric Netflix series’ like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

— Personally I’m hoping Sony and Marvel look into casting either Logan Lerman or Daniel O’Brien as Peter Parker if they do indeed go that route instead of rebooting with Miles Morales. I feel like from a narrative standpoint it makes more sense to start with Peter Parker, but don’t be surprised if we see Mile Morales introduced down the line. —


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