Predictions for The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale


Hello all!

Sorry for my absence over the past few months, been working on some personal things and been taking a break for myself. Moving forward I’d like to be more consistent with this, including launching a video channel on YouTube to make it a bit easier and not quite as time consuming for me to generate content, but I don’t want to dive into it until I have the time to dedicate to it.

Once again I apologize, and I figured I’d give you all a sort of quick and dirty rundown of what I expect to happen in the finale since many have messaged me on social media and asked for it. Thanks again for all your support!

As always, spoilers for the show and the comic are to follow, so please proceed at your own will! 

Check out the trailer for tonight’s episode here:


Daryl and Aaron find Morgan, and they find him quickly.

I’ve heard rumors that the cold open for the episode will have to do with Morgan, and given the snippets we’ve seen with him all season, that makes sense. I’ll be pretty disappointed if all we see is a stinger at the end of the episode. However, I think they’ll bring Morgan back, and he’ll play a big part in bringing Rick back down to earth.

In the past few episodes there have been subtle hints to Morgan’s return, such as one of the streets in Alexandria being named “Morgan St.” and the the red balloon last week appeared to be a call-back to Morgan’s “All I see is red.” line from the season three episode “Clear”.

We’ll be introduced to “The Wolves” but we won’t see a resolution. 

No, I don’t think Morgan has anything to do with The Wolves. Those are definitely “w’s” and not “m’s” carved into the walker heads. I think the Wolves will be introduced as a rather sadistic group based off of what we’ve seen, maybe a group that constantly travels with walkers or covered in walker guts, similar to The Whisperers from the comic, but I definitely don’t think they’ll be a one-for-one copy. This would also explain the massive increase in walkers in the area. Someone is definitely trying to draw them toward Alexandria.

For those that have read the comics, The Scavengers might be a good proxy for The Wolves. They’re definitely not Negan and the Saviors. Still way too early for that. For the unacquainted, they were a group that was traveling around Washington D.C. and are drawn to Alexandria after witnessing a commotion from afar. They arrive at the gates and attempt to take the place as their own. At this point, Rick’s group snaps back into badass mode and almost immediately dispatches them, which opens the eyes of the Alexandrians quite a bit, and catapults Rick into a position of leadership.

I expect the show to run with this a group a bit, sort of like they did with The Hunters/Termites. In the comic, The Hunters were a six issue arc, and while they were dealt with pretty quickly in the show, they were much more menacing. I don’t expect to see this resolved until season six. I’d also expect this group to have something to do with Alexandria, as it’s been teased quite a bit that exiling someone will come back to haunt you. I also wouldn’t be shocked to find out they had something to do with the four runners Aiden and Nicholas lost on the run before Rick’s group arrived, hence how Nicholas has Rick’s “blender gun” from outside the wall. I’m assuming they also have something to do with the death of Enid’s mother.

Oh, and The Scavengers’ first words when they arrive at the gates? “Little pig, little pig, let me in.” Wolf-like enough for you?

Rick gets permission to kill Pete.

In the comic, Pete comes back and goes after Rick with a knife in the middle of town. When Douglas’ (Deanna’s comic counterpart) wife Regina (Reggie on the show) tries to intervene, she gets her throat slashed by Pete in the confusion. At that point, Douglas cracks and calls on Rick to execute Pete. The gunshot is actually what draws The Scavengers to the gate, and causes all hell to break loose. I expect the episode to end right at their entry.

Also worth noting, it appears from the trailer that some of the Alexandrians are now armed.

None of Rick’s group will die.

Bold claim, but I don’t see it. I expect Reggie, Pete, Nicholas, maybe a few red-shirt Alexandrians, but I think Rick’s group has suffered too many losses for the writers to lay on another one. Plus, it being the finale, we’re expecting it. Not their style.

Now one of them being seriously hurt? I can see it. In one of the trailers, Glenn is seen crying. Could it be that Maggie is in trouble? What else could make Glenn cry?

Carol will continue to be a badass.

For those that haven’t seen the sneak peak of the finale, go see it now! Carol, casserole in hand, threatens to cut Pete’s throat. That’s all you need to know. I do think there will be some repercussions for Carol’s deception on behalf of the Alexandrians, but I don’t expect that to happen until next season.

Father Gabriel will do something stupid.

I don’t even want to go on about this one. Fr. Gabriel has already tried to sell out the group at this point, and in the trailer for the finale he’s seen exiting the gates in civilian garb. Could it be possible that he’s the one who is exiled? Possibly.

It’d sure be interesting to see he and Rick together outside the walls, huh?

BONUS: Daryl gets shot in the face.

There are a ton of rumors lately that Norman Reeds has sold his Georgia home, and may not be returning for a full-season next fall, if at all. Note, he’s also one of the only cast members who hasn’t cut their hair in, like, forever. In the comics, Carl gets shot in the face during some crossfire confusion when walkers break into Alexandria. Granted, this doesn’t happen until later down the line, but he survives it, only losing an eye. Afterwards, he grows his hair out to cover his eye, and currently Daryl is the only one that can really do that.

Just a theory, but a deformed, two-face look would mesh well with the popular fan theory that Daryl may actually be Dwight from the comics…


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