Final Trailer for the Fantastic Four Reboot Released


The newest, and apparently final, trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot is looking much better than many suspected given the relatively quick and mum nature of the film’s production.

The teaser is definitely worth the watch, and you get to the see the family of superheroes use their powers a bit more liberally than any of the other promotional pieces that have been released.

Given some of the drama surrounding the film, as well as the less than lukewarm audience expectations, the new trailer prods one to wonder if they’re pulling back the curtain a bit to drum up interest from potential viewers.

Check it, let me know what think. Hard to believe August 7th is already right around the corner.


First Trailer for Fox’s Gotham Premieres


To be honest, I haven’t been following this show very much, and I didn’t realize it was this far along in production. It looks really good though, and has laid some of fears of the show to rest.

Check it out:


Ben McKenzie looks to be a great fit for a young Jim Gordon. Starting to hop aboard the hype train for this.


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