Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Has Passed Away


Sad news for the world of video gaming today as Nintendo officially released a statement earlier today that company president, Satoru Iwata, has passed away due to complications from a growth on his bile duct.

Iwata was forced to miss last year’s E3 festivities due to health concerns over said issue, and showed up to an investor’s meeting in November looking alarmingly thin, sparking concern from those in and outside of the company.

Originally joining Nintendo as a programmer for HAL Laboratories in the 1980s, Iwata worked his way up from being one of the contributors to the games Balloon Fight and Earthbound, to taking the reigns as president from 2002 onward.

During Iwata’s tenure, Nintendo saw the release of the Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Wii, 3DS, and Wii U, each to varying degrees of success spanning the gap from disappointingly unsuccessful to cultural phenomenon.

Iwata was 55 years old.


Gamestop Officially Selling Retro Gaming Consoles and Games


At around noon eastern time today, the official Gamestop Twitter account tweeted that the retailer would be diversifying its product lineup and will now be selling retro gaming products to the masses via

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.29.56 PMThis comes on the heels of not only the purchase of Think Geek, but also a trial period selling retro merchandise in select markets.

With the continuously surging popularity of digital downloads, it appears the gaming giant is looking to find new ways to sustain business. At this time the prices don’t look too steep considering the ability to use store credit and promo codes toward purchases, though it will be interesting to see the condition of the pre-owned merchandise being shipped out to customers.