Final Fantasy XII Apparently Getting a Remake


Though I’m not a massive Final Fantasy fan by any stretch of the imagination (always fancied myself as much more of a Chrono Trigger guy), and I’ve never even picked up a copy of FFXII, I felt the need to report on this bizarre bit of news because it occurred in the strangest locations… my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

Apparently, at the Distant Worlds concert Saturday night, composer Arnie Roth let it slip that a remake is coming.

While it’s definitely possible that Roth confused the term “remake” (think the recently announced FFVII remake) with “remaster” (more along the lines of 2013/2014’s FFX HD port), either direction this story takes will be of interest to fans of the series.

It’s certainly not hard to imagine that this would be a nice piece of fan service, as well as a way for Square-Enix to generate some buzz for the other Final Fantasy titles coming in the future.

I still just find it completely bizarre that this slipped out in what used to be one of the most blue-collar, hard-nosed, steel towns in the country, and not some super technological epicenter like Japan… but I guess Pittsburgh has always kind of been a little different.